J-PLUS Data Release DR3

The J-PLUS DR3 Data Release (July 2022) (J-PLUS-DR3) comprises 1642 J-PLUS fields observed in twelve optical bands amounting to 3192deg2. J-PLUS DR3 is based on images collected from November 2015 to February 2022 by the JAST80 telescope.

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Total area covered 3192 deg2 (~2881 deg2 after masking)
Image size 9500x9500 pixels (~2 deg2)
Image pixel scale 0.555 arcsec
Total number of fields 1642
Number of objects in dual catalogue ~47.4 million (~29.8 million with MAG_AUTO(rSDSS)≤21)
Number of objects with estimations of photo-z (with their full PDFs) ~44.1 million
Number of detections in single catalogue ~338.4 million
Size of the database ~373 GB
Number of Single Frames 62310
Tile Images Total Size (compressed) ~962.1 GB
Single Frames Total Size (compressed) ~4.46 TB
DR3 Footprint

Figure 1. Footprint of the pointings observed in this J-PLUS DR3.